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What is the difference between Joy and Pleasure? Many of us may not know the actual meaning of it, but the answer can be found out through traveling or vacation etc. The best time to spend time with your family and friends by relieving yourself from all sort of stress, work pressure and planning to make a trip to reach the other end of the world would be the perfect vacation in your lifetime. Many undergo travel on any basis that includes business meets, education, presentation, conference, jobs, and lot more. There may be many things to achieve in our life, but the real happiness lies in changing rather than accommodating in one place. By means of travel, one can learn the necessary things of life to overcome all the hurdles he has to undergo in the mere future.

San José is a city of California which is well for its Silicon Valley, architectural landmarks, exploration of science and technology, and holds a population of around 1,015,785 that ranks third among other cities of United States. The city is encountered with glassy tall buildings, greenish lands, attracting places, restaurants, and bars, hotels, monuments, and lot more. Native people and travelers love to go hiking, mountaineering, water sports, air-bound activities, etc. The beauty of San José is the hometown of Silicon Valley, innovative museum for children, friendly people, shopping places at fewer rates, luxury hotels and restaurants to savor delicious cuisines and drinks, nightlife, etc.

Parks and museums

Many attracting places in San José admire the travelers to stay here beyond the vacation days and spend their whole day in enjoying by viewing these spectacular sceneries and foliages. Happy Hollow Park and Zoo is a small 16-acre amusement park and zoo originated in 1961 with many exotic animals like sheep, goats, mini ponies, adventure rides, education center, puppet theatre and a petting zoo. It is a great place for young children and adults to learn new features of animals, biodiversity, natural inhabitants, and lot more. Also, it attracts the children with its amusement parks, water rides, and few more attractions that make them play freely in this spacious ground.

Take your children to the children’s discovery museum where more than 7 million people visit often since 1990. As the museum is built with so many interactive exhibits, that responds to meet the different needs of the children and moreover, the professionals working here enhances the curiosity of the children by teaching and showing them the amazing facts. Also, they ensure that your children are getting the most out of the visit that may help them in future. Also, some workers come up with cartoon dress code and welcome the kids through doing lots of funny actions to make them happy and feel pleasure.

Fremont Older Open Space Preserve is a regional park located in Santa Clara County with rolling views, trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and lot more fun-filled activities. This beautiful and spacious view admires the travelers to visit here often along with their four-legged friend to breathe the fresh breezy air while walking around. This is the best picturesque place to capture all your adventure activities taken along with your friends and family. Also, another interesting fact is that you can see the panoramic view of the city from the top hill and can have your lunch in the grassy land with kids which might be the perfect moment to capture.

Mystery house and gardens

Make a visit to Winchester Mystery house who are seeking to do different things. This house has a brief history of the William Winchester and his wife Sarah Winchester. An afterlife of William Winchester the construction work of this house was under his wife Sarah which took around 38 years. It was not built by an architect and the entire structure looks in a haphazard fashion. It is quite different from other houses and has many secret histories which there are so many mysteries to be found about the nook and corner of the house.

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Rosicrucian Park is the headquarters for ancient Americans and is surrounded with rose garden, statues, fountains, and Egyptian &Moorish architecture. If you are hungry, you can find many star bucks over the street corner. People used to say this park as a hidden gem which all the travelers visit here once while staying in San José. The fountain looks amazing in the daytime as well as in night time as the glimpses of sun and stars will flash on the water directly is the specialty of this place. Volunteers working here will explore the history of the park along with those Egyptian mummies and their cultural activities.

Japanese friendship garden is a walled section features a koi pond & a quaint red arch bridge, a great place to walk around with the furry friend. Here one can see short trees of height one-fourth of a man's height with strong bushes. The pond is a place for beautiful fishes and also the specialty of the pond is that when you keep the hands beneath the water, like manicure the fishes start eating the germs in a painless way and center of the pond is built with a fountain which looks vibrant and colorful in the late night to attract the tourist. A bridge that connects two ends built above the water passage through which you can see the ducks and swan swimming over the water. You can also Make a website like Airbnb and a restaurant app within the place offers the tea and coffee of Japan culture.

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Costa Rica Page FAQs

  • 1) Whether the credit cards are accepted in Costa Rica?

    Most of the hotels and the restaurant accept both the Visa and Master Card. Some of the hotels accept the American Express and the other credit cards.

  • 2) Can I enter Costa Rica with a one-way ticket?

    Here a proof of the onward travel either a pre-paid airline or bus ticket is needed in order to exit the country.

  • 3) Can I exchange the money at the airport?

    Yes, but the exchange rate is not a favorable one. You can try and exchange the currency at the local bank.

  • 4) Can I take my pets?

    Yes, you can always take your pets such as the dog or cat to Costa Rica and it is relatively a simple process.

  • 5) What about the medical services?

    Costa Rica is well known for its medical services; in case of any minor aches and the pain, you can visit the local pharmacy.

  • 6) Does it rain every day?

    Generally the months of September and October we can see the most of the rain.

  • 7) Does it affect by the hurricanes?

    Yes, it is rarely affected by the hurricanes on the both the Atlantic or the Pacific coasts. It can increase the rainfall in the country too.


San José is a city in Costa Rica founded on 29th November 1777 which gained rapid growth and population after the World War-II. Since it is the hometown of Silicon Valley, the city had become the global center for high tech industries that lays the backbone of California’s fastest-growing economy. Hence it is the most popular city in the United States which holds around 7.7 million people. Make booking through our partner companies using Airbnb Clone script. Its geographical climate and attracting beauty nature makes people share their belfry moments and capture those fun-filled moments as a memorable memory.